Dog Supplement Topper


Relief & Recovery

Cricket powder, glucosamine, MSM, yucca Schidigera.

 Strengthens bones, muscles and connective tissues

 Helps prevent injury, reduces pain, inflammation and spasms

 Increases endurance and flexibility


Calm & Relax

Cricket powder, chamomile flower, valerian root, catnip.

 Helps pets maintain balanced behavior

 Gently supports the nervous system

 Assists with hyperactivity

 Recommended for anxiety & nervousness

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Active & Healthy

Cricket powder, 19 different types of dried seaweed.

 Amino acids help maintain cellular energy necessary for good health

 Prebiotics support digestion

 Protein from crickets

 Healthy greens from seaweed

about us

For the love of grandkids and their future. - The idea came to me while playing with my grandchildren in the garden last spring. They were sharing stories with me on what they are learning in school about the changes they can make for a better planet. One of my grandsons said:” what if we could eat bugs instead of cows and chickens". I had heard about other parts of the world eating insects, and jumped into extensive research, Already a creator of many successful brands of pet food, treats and supplements, it was clear I could create something that would bring about change, and making a product my grandkids would be proud of.

Entomophagy is an exceptional way to help support and sustain our planet. Incorporating cricket-based foods into your pet’s diet is one way for individuals to take action and make a positive difference. Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging, fit for human consumption and delicious!

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