Our treats and food are produced in a local plant in Montreal, Canada who specialize in the production of products using a variety of insect ingredients. They are monitored and inspected regular by CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection Agency, implementing and maintaining the highest standards in quality control measures.
Our supply partner is a front runner in Canadian farm for earth preservation through alternative proteins. The only certified organic cricket farm, and the largest scale farm of crickets in North America since 2014. Ento Trust certifies the whole chain from farm to fork, as guarantee for consumers and recognition of high-quality food source.
AAFCO stands for The Association of American Feed Control Officials a voluntary membership association of local, state, and federal agencies. The people behind animal and pet feed that set guidelines with regards to the nutritional composition.
about us

For the love of grandkids and their future. - The idea came to me while playing with my grandchildren in the garden last spring. They were sharing stories with me on what they are learning in school about the changes they can make for a better planet. One of my grandsons said:” what if we could eat bugs instead of cows and chickens". I had heard about other parts of the world eating insects, and jumped into extensive research, Already a creator of many successful brands of pet food, treats and supplements, it was clear I could create something that would bring about change, and making a product my grandkids would be proud of.

Entomophagy is an exceptional way to help support and sustain our planet. Incorporating cricket-based foods into your pet’s diet is one way for individuals to take action and make a positive difference. Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging, fit for human consumption and delicious!

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