When it comes to the health and well-being of our animals, there are three vital parts of essential nutrients necessary for life which are often missing from a pet’s everyday diet and can only be obtained through food sources.

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Essential Fatty Acids

EFAs are required for the proper structure and function of every cell in the body, and are important for optimal health. EFAs increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals; nourish the skin, hair and nails; promote proper nerve functioning; help produce hormones; ensure normal growth and development; and prevent and treat disease.


A type of fiber that the body cannot digest. They serve as a food for probiotics, tiny living microorganisms, including bacteria and yeast. They promote the increase of friendly bacteria in the gut, help to maintain a healthy digestive system and can boost your pets immune system. Prebiotic food shave also been known to support a healthy metabolism and maintain overall good health.

Essential Amino Acids

There are 9 essential a pets body cannot produce. These must be obtained by an external source, through food or supplementation.

✓  Leucine
✓  Lysine
✓  Threonine
✓  Tryptophan
✓  Isoleucine
✓  Methionine
✓  Phenylalanine
✓  Histidine
✓  Valine


“ My Harley girl goes crazy for any flavor of the cricket treats. At first, I thought ewe crickets. not for dogs, but they smell amazing, ad would never know if it wasn’t printed on the bag…
I love how much she loves them, and her coat is incredible. The natural prebiotic has made such a difference! ”



Oakville, Ontario

“ Wow is what I say, my dog Bentley loves them!!! An eco-friendly treat, human grade, using less resources and easy on the environment, that my dogs literally do tricks for. Skeptical at first, but my dog insanely LOVED THEM And waits every morning by my desk to do his tricks for his treats. ”

DD Jackson

DD Jackson

Mississauga, Ontario


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about us

For the love of grandkids and their future. - The idea came to me while playing with my grandchildren in the garden last spring. They were sharing stories with me on what they are learning in school about the changes they can make for a better planet. One of my grandsons said:” what if we could eat bugs instead of cows and chickens". I had heard about other parts of the world eating insects, and jumped into extensive research, Already a creator of many successful brands of pet food, treats and supplements, it was clear I could create something that would bring about change, and making a product my grandkids would be proud of.

Entomophagy is an exceptional way to help support and sustain our planet. Incorporating cricket-based foods into your pet’s diet is one way for individuals to take action and make a positive difference. Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging, fit for human consumption and delicious!

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